Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Halloween

This is the Jack-o-Latern that me and Nate Carved!
We went to our Ward party as a Bee family. Somebody had given us Caden's costume before he was born so we said He's the Baby Bee, I'm the Queen, Nate is a Drone Bee and baby brother is the Larvae Bee. It was really fun. Caden Liked seeing everyone dressed up and he played two games, Bean bag Toss and Fishing for prizes. Me and Nate are on the Activies Commity at church so we were busy running everywhere getting things ready and supervising Caden:) It was really fun. For the actuall Halloween we are going to stay home and Hand out some Candy. We think Caden might like seeing all the kids come to the door in costumes. Anyway, I hope everyone has a fun Halloween! Enjoy the pics.

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