Thursday, November 1, 2007

Child Leashes... the Votes are In!

So 6 people thought child leashes were a good idea and 6 thought they were cruel. Me? I think it depends on the family. I'm scared that Caden will run towards a moving car while we are at the park right at the moment I am changing the babies diaper on the floor and then I have a problem; do I leave my baby laying there all by himself or yell like crazy for Caden to come back? I think he is just to young to use judgment on his own of what is safe and what isn't. So, am I going to use a child leash? Probably not! I think that they are perfectly humane but I think I would rather hold Caden's hand and avoid those situations all together. Chances are that I will be chasing after Caden with a New born in toe a lot these next few years and I would hate to see Caden learn that he has to stay by me because he's strapped to a leash, but instead because I've taught him to listen to his parents and that we want to keep him safe. Thanks for all of your opinions, I love hearing them.
P.S. I might be whistling a different tune when I actually have the new born in toe:)

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