Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bountiful Basket Review

So here's the Run down: You go on to the Bountiful Baskets Website on Tuesday or Monday(depending on where you live) and you contribute 15 dollars to get this basket pictured below. Pick your location and then choose what add ons you would like! I added 5 loaves of the yummiest bread I have ever tasted for 10 dollars! There was also a box of apples, a pumpkin, tortillas and a few other things that you could add! You could also upgrade to the Organic basket for 10 dollars more(I'm going to try this next week).

So Once you have placed your contribution you print your receipt. Saturday Morning you head to your location at the time that is on the receipt and wait in line with your Laundry basket to get you food! Easy!
The quality is great and the variety is good! The Bread is amazing!!!!