Thursday, October 11, 2007

He's coming soon!

We set a date for the C-section. November 30th. If I don't go into Labor before then we will just go in and get him. I'm nervous of coarse, it is surgery after all but I'm kinda looking forward to it. It sounds weird but it's true. Last time I had to go through 30 something hours of labor and not eating and not sleeping and then go through the C section and recovery! This time I will just go in the morning after a good nights rest and it takes about an hour and a half till the surgery is done and I'll have my baby! Also, they had to take Caden away from me last time, which I didn't like, because of the risk of infection from my water being broken. This time after the surgery I will get to take him right into the recovery room with me and Nate too! Last time he went with the baby like I had asked him to. A boy needs his Daddy plus I was too drugged to know who was in the room :) I'm just glad I'll be getting my little boy one way or another. And all of you will have a Nephew, Grandson, or Friends Cute Baby no later than November 30th! Funny thing, Caden and his Little brother will be born in the same month! Would I be a horrible mom if I combine their birthdays?

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troybec said...

Yeah! I am so excited for you. I agree with you as a past c-section girl myself, the thought of going in, getting cut open, and having the baby immidietely is VERY tempting! It sounds better to me than going through the nasty labor. Plus, I've heard that each c-section gets easier.
My opinion on te birthdays... ultimately it is up to you, but I vote NO!!! Give them each their "own special day". Spencer and I are 5 days apart, and anytime we combined anything (even if it was just a family dinner), I always felt jipped. I love that in the hustle and bustle world we live in that there is at least one day that is just about me personally!
Love you!