Friday, October 5, 2007

To the Playground!!

Me and Caden went to the little playground at our apartments for the first time. I decided he was finally big enough to try it out. He liked going down the slide holding on to my finger and then trying to climb up it again. I'm trying to get him used to walking around more. He can walk like a pro if he's holding my finger which is nice because I don't have to carry him as much. I'm hoping that by the time the baby comes he will be better at walking.
The only part I didn't like about taking him to the playground was that he thinks the woodchips are more like potato chips in that he tries to eat them. He still tries even after he gets that look on his face that tells me he knows it tastes nasty. It's something I still don't understand about my little guy.
As we were walking to the playgroung Caden stumbled (litterally) apon this rock and just had to sit down and explore it.
Since we had so much fun I've decided to start taking him everyday after lunch. I'm excited because I love to go out but without a car to drive I'm a little limited in where I can go and until now it wasn't that fun to go play out side with Caden. It's a new adventure everyday for us both:)

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sdrake said...

he is so cute. have you guys gone again since this? you should put more pictures up. love you