Thursday, October 18, 2007

So Much Love!

So much lately I have enjoyed seeing Nate and Caden together. As Caden is getting a little older I can see how much he really loves his Daddy. I used to say to Nate "Won't it be fun when he's old enough to run up to you and say "Dada!" when you get home from work!" Well, we are almost there. When Nate Came home the other day Caden walked right up to him and held up his arms. While Nate was holding him and talking to him Caden was so happy he was actually acting a little shy. It so obvious that he loves his Daddy. Yesterday I was trying to get Caden to say words and when I said "Can you say Dada?" he got all excited and crawled to the front door saying Dada over and over. He thought Dada was going to come through the door. I was so filled with love for Nate at that moment. I'm so glad he takes the time to play and bond with Caden. It will be even more fun when he has both of his boys:) So to Nate, thank you for being such an amazing Daddy and husband. Me and the boys are so blessed!

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