Sunday, March 30, 2008

Growing Boys!

My boys are growing so fast! I keep telling my Dad about all the little milestones and every new word that Caden says and he Jokes "It's almost as if he going to grow up to be an adult one day." I know that but I can't help it! I love watching them grow and learn new things!
Monkey Number One is into dancing right now especially if it's on a table! I don't know why the table makes it more exciting but I'm going to keep my eye on him. He is also really into cars and trains. Every waking minute that he's not eating he is driving cars around the house make car sounds. It so obvious that he's his Daddy's son. I also bought him a new DVD called Word World. It's on PBS and it's bright colors and very educational. He calls it "Woad Woad".

Monkey Nuber Two melts my heart everyday. He so sweet and laid back. He's becoming more and more observant everyday. He likes to watch Caden play and me clean. He likes to stand holding our fingers and he can sit alone for a very short time. He has also started sleeping in Caden's room with him! Me and Nate were very excited the first night and it went really well. He still wakes up twice a night but it doesn't seem to bother Caden. If he does wake up he just lays in his crib watching me nurse. Last night he put his hand through the bars of his crib and played with my hand till I was done nursing. It was so sweet!
Nate is doing really well, he's making good hours at work and recently got a raise. He's hit another plateau with his weight and now has a new goal! He wants to get to 210 and get a better TV. MEN!!

I'm doing really well too! I love staying home with my boys and we've had a lot of play dates lately which has been really fun. I also switched Caden and Drake into the bigger room. Caden needed more play room and now he has plenty. He loves the extra room to drive cars around and now me and Drake can be on the floor without taking up the whole room! I've also been scapbooking and re-organizing some things in the apartment! Spring Cleaning! I've also been enjoying reading everyone's blogs!

So that's what our family has been up to lately!

Snow in Spring?????

We've had some spinklings of snow these last couple of days and it's been fun for Caden. He's had a friend over these last couple of days and they both stand at the sliding glass door and say "Snow" Over and over. Well, last night we had just put the boys to bed and huge snow flakes started to fall! I couldn't resist getting Caden up to see it and Nate took a video.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let em Eat!!

Nate often cringes when he sees Caden eating. He doesn't like to see him get messy and he hates cleaning him up! I don't exactly enjoy the mess but I do love that he is learning to eat by himself. I love that he uses the spoon and then takes five fist fulls and then the spoon and then fist fulls. I know eventually he will start figuring out how to eat a little neater but until then I will just keep cleaning him up and adoring how cute he looks with food all over his face. Oh, and a tip for anyone who has their child eating over a carpeted floor, get one of those clear office chair mats that have the spikes underneath. We put one under Caden's chair and it works great.

Breakfast Oatmeal

(add applesauce and cinnamon instead of sugar)

Lunch Cheese Ravioli and Veggies

Monday, March 24, 2008


I posted some new videos of the boys to the left : )

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hot! Hot! Hot!

My husband is such a hunk!!!!! He is down to 216!!!! 1 pound till his goal weight!!! He looks amazing! I keep doing double takes when he comes home from work. I'm posting a before picture when he was 250, I had to lighten it a lot so it's hard to see but you can really tell by looking at his face. And a Hot Hot Hot Now picture. I'm so proud of Nate. He is living proof that all you have to do is eat healthy and you will be healthy :) I love you Honey.
Oct 14th 2007
March 18th 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm still pretty new to the Mommy game so I love hearing other moms tips for all kinds of things! This season I have heard so many good tips for Spring and Easter. Here are a few that I have decided to adopt.

1. Separate the "First Day of Spring" and Easter Sunday.
Me and Nate are going to give the boys their Easter baskets on the morning of the first Day of Spring. Then we will have our egg hunt when Nate gets home. On Easter Sunday We will focus on the Savior.

2. Toys instead of Candy.

Me and Nate don't give our children candy, so were trying think of things to put in their baskets. We decided after several different tips from other families that we would get the kids new spring toys. This year we got Caden his first beach toys and got Drake some colorful baby cubes.

3. Plastic Egg Fillers
Instead of Candy in the eggs I have come up with some of my own ideas and adopted them from other people. Money, small toys, Hints to lead them around till they find the big prize, or puzzles.
4. Egg Hunt Drama Solution
You can limit the Drama of who got more eggs or the little kids not getting any. Color code your kids! The littlest would be one color and they could be out on the grass and easy to find but your older kids could be another color and you can hide them in harder places. If each person has their own color you could fill the eggs with things you know that the child likes. Me and my friend Rozemary are going to try it with her daughters and Caden.
So these are the tips that I liked. If anyone else has any good ones please comment. I would love to hear from those with experience!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sweet Little Drake!

Check out that tongue!

Computer Glich!

We were at the apple store looking for a game for Caden and I found the perfect one! It's called giggles and it lock out the keyboard so that no matter what Caden presses it will just make fun things happen on the screen and our computer is safe! Sounds pretty cool huh? Well, it was until I got the Camera out to take a picture of Caden playing and the whole thing went Hay-Wire! Screens were poping up and all kinds of different applications were opening! After we finnaly got it to stop the computer was still acting wierd like when I was typing, "E" would make a random folder open!!! We rebooted and everything went back, needless to say I'm calling Tech support! As you can see from the picture I didn't even get a picture of him playing the actual game! Grrr!

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Monkeys are Growing Up So Fast!!!

Monkey #1
The other day Nate stayed at work to fix up the white jeep and didn't get home until after the boys were in bed. That night when I said to Caden "Time for your bath!" he started to look around very confused and then started crying "Dada!!" and threw himself at the front door! Usually taking his bath is his favorite time of the day and usually it's with Daddy. I tried to make things better by showing Caden that Daddy was not on the other side of the door but just as I opened it a car pulled up and Caden got all excited saying Dada over and over again. It wasn't Dada! So I made everything worse. He calmed down when he got in the bath and went to sleep but the next day was worse. Every once in awhile he would sulk over to the door and then throw a fit as if Daddy was there and I just wasn't letting him in to see him. I called Nate and said "It's a beautiful day, why don't you take him to the park when you get home." So Nate agreed and even got off an hour early and then a storm came!!!!! So we tried to think of somewhere to take him to play indoors and I had never been to chuck e cheese's before so we went. Caden had a blast and so did we. The pizza was way over priced but it was fun. Here are some pictures of my big little guy playing.

Monkey #2
Drake is the sweetest little baby in the world! He is sleeping really well at night now. He only wakes up once or twice and goes right back to sleep when I feed him. The only problem is he only likes to sleep in our bed so I end up on the couch sometimes. But hey, sleep is sleep! Drake smile a lot and he start to fuss when you aren't looking at him and then when you do look at him he gets all excited. He start to try and roll over now and he's really interested in watching people walk around. He loves sitting in his bouncy seat and watching me clean the kitchen. He getting better at taking a bottle of pumped milk. He wasn't very good at first but I switched to a different bottle and he chugged it down. He's taken it four time now which makes me feel like I can have a little more freedom. Enjoy these cute pictures!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Paintballing!! Ouch!!

Some of our friends invited us to go paintballing this past weekend and it was so fun! This was Nate's first time but he did way better than a lot of the other guys. I was having so much fun until the last game! Nate had just gotten shot and I was moving foward to get the guys who had got him. As I creeped foward a guy from my own team was behind a tree and shot me in the butt and hip 4 times from 5 feet away!!!! I have 4 huge welts. Here's a picture of the one on my hip. It still hurts.