Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I have a project!

I love when I have a project! Me and Nate were talking about our Dating Day's the other Day and we realized we are already getting confused on the details! We decided we needed to write our whole love story down so that our children could hear the story without us fighting over how our first kiss went! Then I decided that I could in corperate all of the pictures we took at that time into the story and that's when it became a project! A Scrapbooking Project. Nate bought me a little scapbooking program so that I could get it it all done that way. It would be way to hard to do it by hand like I do my other scrapbooks. Plus there are alot of words that need to be written which make typing a nessesity. We've already written alot of it down and I've made several of the pages already. The one above is the cover page and we are calling our story, "The Story Of Us". Anyway, I'm having alot of fun with it.

Side Note, Nate is doing really well riding his bike. His time has already gotten faster. He's still struggling with cravings for bad foods but I promised him I would keep him away from them. Grocery shopping was hard with a drooling husband:) His Weigh in is Sunday and we are excited to see the results. At the end of this week he gets to get a gadget for his bike! Some kind of speedometer thing??? Men and their gadgets:)

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