Friday, May 16, 2008


I am so excited!!!! I'm heading off to Az to see all of my family! Nate is staying behind but both of the boys are coming with me for two weeks! I will be flying out the 17th and coming back the 31st. My family hasn't met Drake Yet so I am very excited for them to meet him! We have so much fun planned with Grandpa Drake!!!!!

Here's what we've been up to.

I had a wonderful mother's day with all three of my boy's.
Drake has been enjoying playing with his monkey that his favorite Grandma made him. It sleeps in his crib and I often find him chewing on it's hand.
He's also been enjoying his feet! I don't blame him, they are deliciously adorable!

Caden has been so much fun! It finally warmed up today so we went on an hour long adventure around the apartments. He looked at ants, threw rock, climbed, jumped, balanced on a log, ran through a field and chased some older boys around. It was like he was afraid the sun wouldn't come back so he wanted to get every boyish thing he could in that day.

Nate Road his bike today and loved it. He also saved us and the environment 8 bucks in gas!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Moms: Read this before Mother's day

This is a link to my friends blog. She is incredibly insightful and I love her blog but this post really hit me!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fruit Anyone?

As long I as I can remember my awesome Daddy had a bowl of fresh fruit on the table. He had one rule, "You can have as much fruit as you want as long as you don't waste it". We were pretty good at following the rule and now that I am a mom I have the same thing on my table. I would love to say that the same rule is being followed in my home today as my Dad's house when I was a kid but... Just take a look.

As I've said in previous posts, Caden loves fruit and has yet to master the fine skills it takes to peel any piece of fruit. The worst part is that sometimes I don't see him trying to eat them and I find them later all yucky! I guess my child hood memories will have to stay in the kitchen and not on the table where my little guys can get them :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mirrors and Melllllon!

Drake and Caden are so adorable! Drake is getting a lot more active now. He loves grabbing everything in his reach and is trying desperately to get the things that are not in his reach. He can roll from his tummy to his back but he has only gone the other way a couple of times. He loves when I sing to him! It can be anything and he will just smile and coo! I love it! He's also been loving this baby mirror that I got on clearance for 3 dollars!

Caden is so active but in a good way. He is still very much in to cars, in fact they still take up 90 percent of his playtime. He love to eat fruit especially melons. I get a new one every time we go shopping and have it cut up in the fridge. We he wants some he goes to the kitchen gate and says "Mellllon". It's adorable. In the past three weeks he has eaten and entire Honeydew, Cantaloupe and Watermelon. I'm struggling to get him to eat Veggies so if any one has tips on that PLEASE tell me. The only way I get him to eat them is if I put them in something else like peas in scrambled eggs or blended spinach in fresh apple juice. It's hard because most of what me and Nate eat are vegetables.
Caden lined up all of his cars in front of Drake and then started driving them on his head:)
I'm doing really great. I've done a couple of little projects lately that I will post about in my "DIY" post, coming soon to a blog near you. I've also been really watching what I'm eating and trying to get my body back in shape before I get pregnant again. I am now 6 pounds lighter then when I got pregnant with Caden but as all mothers know my body looks nothing like it did back then:) I'm trying to tone up so that I can at least resemble my old self. I'm also excited because in two weeks I get to go see all of my family in Az. None of them have met Drake so that will be great.

Nate is doing great. Work has it's ups and down but at the end of each pay period it all seems to work out which is a wonderful blessing. We thought he would be back to riding his bike by now but the weather is just silly! We are still waiting for warm sunny days. He's also been loving our PS3. Him and some guys from work play online together and he has a lot of fun.