Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nate Is On A Mission...

To get in shape! He said "I'm tired of being fat!" He stopped drinking soda completely, he's cut all of his portions in half and He has started riding a bike to and from work 5.5 miles each way! He's also making healthier choices in food as well, less sweets and bread more fruits and veggies. We went on Thursday and got him a bike, helmet, lights, lock, rain suit, and gloves! He's all geared up! We are also looking forward to the gas savings and now that I'm learning how to drive, I will be able to use the Jeep during the day. We are going to track Nate's weight loss each week on this blog. You will be able to see the update in the top left corner. He's hoping the publicity will encourage him further! He's not on any time limit but if he gets down to his goal weight (215) then he gets to buy a laptop! He is way excited about that. I will be joining Nate on his mission once I have my little guy out and I've recovered from the Delivery! For now he's on his own with his family's support! Go Nate!

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