Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Halloween

This is the Jack-o-Latern that me and Nate Carved!
We went to our Ward party as a Bee family. Somebody had given us Caden's costume before he was born so we said He's the Baby Bee, I'm the Queen, Nate is a Drone Bee and baby brother is the Larvae Bee. It was really fun. Caden Liked seeing everyone dressed up and he played two games, Bean bag Toss and Fishing for prizes. Me and Nate are on the Activies Commity at church so we were busy running everywhere getting things ready and supervising Caden:) It was really fun. For the actuall Halloween we are going to stay home and Hand out some Candy. We think Caden might like seeing all the kids come to the door in costumes. Anyway, I hope everyone has a fun Halloween! Enjoy the pics.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Belly Bump!

Here's the latest Belly Bump Picture! I went to the doctor today and he said that everything is going perfect. He said our little guy has a very strong Heartbeat and that I'm gaining perfect weight. I never think anything is wrong but it's so nice to here the doctor say all good things:) It makes me feel good. This baby is getting Big! I feel like he had a groth spurt this past week. I feel like I'm starting to waddle a little bit. Anyway, Five more weeks! I can't belive it's coming so soon!

Can you Can Can

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
can can can can can can can can can can can can

This is Too Funny!

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
You know wish you could dance Like us!

Caden is Getting really good at walking!

We have five more weeks till the baby comes so I think he will have it down pretty well by then. I saw somone at the mall with their child on one of the those child leashes. They are like a little animal backpack that has a leash for you to hold onto. I'm Curious what people think about those so I'm doing a poll on them. Answer above or leave a comment if you have a more verbal opinon. In the mean time here is a cute video of Caden Walking.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I have a project!

I love when I have a project! Me and Nate were talking about our Dating Day's the other Day and we realized we are already getting confused on the details! We decided we needed to write our whole love story down so that our children could hear the story without us fighting over how our first kiss went! Then I decided that I could in corperate all of the pictures we took at that time into the story and that's when it became a project! A Scrapbooking Project. Nate bought me a little scapbooking program so that I could get it it all done that way. It would be way to hard to do it by hand like I do my other scrapbooks. Plus there are alot of words that need to be written which make typing a nessesity. We've already written alot of it down and I've made several of the pages already. The one above is the cover page and we are calling our story, "The Story Of Us". Anyway, I'm having alot of fun with it.

Side Note, Nate is doing really well riding his bike. His time has already gotten faster. He's still struggling with cravings for bad foods but I promised him I would keep him away from them. Grocery shopping was hard with a drooling husband:) His Weigh in is Sunday and we are excited to see the results. At the end of this week he gets to get a gadget for his bike! Some kind of speedometer thing??? Men and their gadgets:)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

These Shoes Are Made For Walking...

And that's just what they'll do! We went shopping for shoes! Not for me:( but for Caden. Now that he has started walking we wanted to get some good walking shoes for outside! We honestly went to nine different shoe stores in the mall everywhere from Payless to Striderite! Nothing had what we wanted! They were either too expensive or they were ugly or weren't good for walking. We were about to give up when we saw New Balance. They had the perfect little tennis shoes. The store person had to try 3 different sizes until he finally fit into a size 5 with a little wiggle room for growing. We had Caden walk around the store and he just took off! He wanted to walk everywhere after that, every store we went to he would walk from shelf to shelf so proud of himself. I couldn't help thinking "My baby's growing up" (tear). But I'm happy that I won't have to carry two babies all of the time. Here is a video of Caden walking in his new shoes but gets so close you can't see his feet some of the time:)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nate Is On A Mission...

To get in shape! He said "I'm tired of being fat!" He stopped drinking soda completely, he's cut all of his portions in half and He has started riding a bike to and from work 5.5 miles each way! He's also making healthier choices in food as well, less sweets and bread more fruits and veggies. We went on Thursday and got him a bike, helmet, lights, lock, rain suit, and gloves! He's all geared up! We are also looking forward to the gas savings and now that I'm learning how to drive, I will be able to use the Jeep during the day. We are going to track Nate's weight loss each week on this blog. You will be able to see the update in the top left corner. He's hoping the publicity will encourage him further! He's not on any time limit but if he gets down to his goal weight (215) then he gets to buy a laptop! He is way excited about that. I will be joining Nate on his mission once I have my little guy out and I've recovered from the Delivery! For now he's on his own with his family's support! Go Nate!

So Much Love!

So much lately I have enjoyed seeing Nate and Caden together. As Caden is getting a little older I can see how much he really loves his Daddy. I used to say to Nate "Won't it be fun when he's old enough to run up to you and say "Dada!" when you get home from work!" Well, we are almost there. When Nate Came home the other day Caden walked right up to him and held up his arms. While Nate was holding him and talking to him Caden was so happy he was actually acting a little shy. It so obvious that he loves his Daddy. Yesterday I was trying to get Caden to say words and when I said "Can you say Dada?" he got all excited and crawled to the front door saying Dada over and over. He thought Dada was going to come through the door. I was so filled with love for Nate at that moment. I'm so glad he takes the time to play and bond with Caden. It will be even more fun when he has both of his boys:) So to Nate, thank you for being such an amazing Daddy and husband. Me and the boys are so blessed!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Funny Bath Sounds

Going to the Temple!

We left Caden with a good friend of ours and we went to the temple! The Seattle Temple was beautiful as you can see from the photos. It was really hard for me to leave Caden but we really needed some time for just the two of us. We are hoping to go again before little Brother comes but we aren't sure if it will happen. Caden didn't like us leaving him but maybe he will do better next time. Here are some pictures of us at the Temple enjoying Mommy and Daddy Time:) This was our first time going to the Seattle Temple.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Caden Looks More Like Mommy!

Beach Fun!

We went to the Edmonds Beach and dog park. We hadn't been in a while which is sad because it has been our favorite place in the past to unwind. We had a lot of fun and Tara, needless to say, was thrilled as well. I love the picture we took of our shadows. I turned to the side so that you could see my growing belly. It's hard to believe we will soon be a family of FOUR! I'm really excited but I also know that it is going to be a lot of hard work.

Funny Story

Nate was on the phone with his Mom and they were talking about when we were going to have the baby and Nate said "We picked a Friday so that we could have the weekend to relax." His Mom laughed of coarse because I don't think there will be very many relaxing moments with a new born and a one year old! Anyway enjoy the pictures, also if anyone who checks this blog has their own blog let me know because I am loving this blogging thing!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Couch Olympics!

Here are some videos of Caden practicing climbing. After you watch the getting down video, just keep in mind that he's not crying so he's fine:)

He's coming soon!

We set a date for the C-section. November 30th. If I don't go into Labor before then we will just go in and get him. I'm nervous of coarse, it is surgery after all but I'm kinda looking forward to it. It sounds weird but it's true. Last time I had to go through 30 something hours of labor and not eating and not sleeping and then go through the C section and recovery! This time I will just go in the morning after a good nights rest and it takes about an hour and a half till the surgery is done and I'll have my baby! Also, they had to take Caden away from me last time, which I didn't like, because of the risk of infection from my water being broken. This time after the surgery I will get to take him right into the recovery room with me and Nate too! Last time he went with the baby like I had asked him to. A boy needs his Daddy plus I was too drugged to know who was in the room :) I'm just glad I'll be getting my little boy one way or another. And all of you will have a Nephew, Grandson, or Friends Cute Baby no later than November 30th! Funny thing, Caden and his Little brother will be born in the same month! Would I be a horrible mom if I combine their birthdays?

Monday, October 8, 2007

It's getting Cold!

Because it's starting to get pretty cold here, we decided Caden needed some good winter clothes. We got him a coat and hat and after taking them for a spin we reallized we are going to need to get him some pants too. His jeans got soaked. He's getting really good at walking by our sides but he is still taking it slow on his own.

Friday, October 5, 2007

To the Playground!!

Me and Caden went to the little playground at our apartments for the first time. I decided he was finally big enough to try it out. He liked going down the slide holding on to my finger and then trying to climb up it again. I'm trying to get him used to walking around more. He can walk like a pro if he's holding my finger which is nice because I don't have to carry him as much. I'm hoping that by the time the baby comes he will be better at walking.
The only part I didn't like about taking him to the playground was that he thinks the woodchips are more like potato chips in that he tries to eat them. He still tries even after he gets that look on his face that tells me he knows it tastes nasty. It's something I still don't understand about my little guy.
As we were walking to the playgroung Caden stumbled (litterally) apon this rock and just had to sit down and explore it.
Since we had so much fun I've decided to start taking him everyday after lunch. I'm excited because I love to go out but without a car to drive I'm a little limited in where I can go and until now it wasn't that fun to go play out side with Caden. It's a new adventure everyday for us both:)

Family Pictures by Rebecca

Nate's wonderful big sister took some family pictures for us when we were in Utah visiting.
I love the ones of just Caden and the bottom one is my favorite of all three of us.