Monday, March 3, 2008

My Monkeys are Growing Up So Fast!!!

Monkey #1
The other day Nate stayed at work to fix up the white jeep and didn't get home until after the boys were in bed. That night when I said to Caden "Time for your bath!" he started to look around very confused and then started crying "Dada!!" and threw himself at the front door! Usually taking his bath is his favorite time of the day and usually it's with Daddy. I tried to make things better by showing Caden that Daddy was not on the other side of the door but just as I opened it a car pulled up and Caden got all excited saying Dada over and over again. It wasn't Dada! So I made everything worse. He calmed down when he got in the bath and went to sleep but the next day was worse. Every once in awhile he would sulk over to the door and then throw a fit as if Daddy was there and I just wasn't letting him in to see him. I called Nate and said "It's a beautiful day, why don't you take him to the park when you get home." So Nate agreed and even got off an hour early and then a storm came!!!!! So we tried to think of somewhere to take him to play indoors and I had never been to chuck e cheese's before so we went. Caden had a blast and so did we. The pizza was way over priced but it was fun. Here are some pictures of my big little guy playing.

Monkey #2
Drake is the sweetest little baby in the world! He is sleeping really well at night now. He only wakes up once or twice and goes right back to sleep when I feed him. The only problem is he only likes to sleep in our bed so I end up on the couch sometimes. But hey, sleep is sleep! Drake smile a lot and he start to fuss when you aren't looking at him and then when you do look at him he gets all excited. He start to try and roll over now and he's really interested in watching people walk around. He loves sitting in his bouncy seat and watching me clean the kitchen. He getting better at taking a bottle of pumped milk. He wasn't very good at first but I switched to a different bottle and he chugged it down. He's taken it four time now which makes me feel like I can have a little more freedom. Enjoy these cute pictures!

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