Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let em Eat!!

Nate often cringes when he sees Caden eating. He doesn't like to see him get messy and he hates cleaning him up! I don't exactly enjoy the mess but I do love that he is learning to eat by himself. I love that he uses the spoon and then takes five fist fulls and then the spoon and then fist fulls. I know eventually he will start figuring out how to eat a little neater but until then I will just keep cleaning him up and adoring how cute he looks with food all over his face. Oh, and a tip for anyone who has their child eating over a carpeted floor, get one of those clear office chair mats that have the spikes underneath. We put one under Caden's chair and it works great.

Breakfast Oatmeal

(add applesauce and cinnamon instead of sugar)

Lunch Cheese Ravioli and Veggies

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My Ice Cream Diary said...

David would not let us feed him at all. He had to do it all himself from the beginning. Yeah, it was a messy couple of years there for awhile, but now he is our cleanest eater.