Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hot! Hot! Hot!

My husband is such a hunk!!!!! He is down to 216!!!! 1 pound till his goal weight!!! He looks amazing! I keep doing double takes when he comes home from work. I'm posting a before picture when he was 250, I had to lighten it a lot so it's hard to see but you can really tell by looking at his face. And a Hot Hot Hot Now picture. I'm so proud of Nate. He is living proof that all you have to do is eat healthy and you will be healthy :) I love you Honey.
Oct 14th 2007
March 18th 2008


Amy, Spencer, and Kids said...

I want a piece of that hotness!

Way to go Nathan!


Melissa said...

congrats nate, you look awesome!

bloominmemories said...

WOO HOO! Sam, Who was that other guy? This is the guy I know!

Bryan said...

Nice job little Bro! Keep it up. I hope to join you real soon.