Sunday, March 30, 2008

Growing Boys!

My boys are growing so fast! I keep telling my Dad about all the little milestones and every new word that Caden says and he Jokes "It's almost as if he going to grow up to be an adult one day." I know that but I can't help it! I love watching them grow and learn new things!
Monkey Number One is into dancing right now especially if it's on a table! I don't know why the table makes it more exciting but I'm going to keep my eye on him. He is also really into cars and trains. Every waking minute that he's not eating he is driving cars around the house make car sounds. It so obvious that he's his Daddy's son. I also bought him a new DVD called Word World. It's on PBS and it's bright colors and very educational. He calls it "Woad Woad".

Monkey Nuber Two melts my heart everyday. He so sweet and laid back. He's becoming more and more observant everyday. He likes to watch Caden play and me clean. He likes to stand holding our fingers and he can sit alone for a very short time. He has also started sleeping in Caden's room with him! Me and Nate were very excited the first night and it went really well. He still wakes up twice a night but it doesn't seem to bother Caden. If he does wake up he just lays in his crib watching me nurse. Last night he put his hand through the bars of his crib and played with my hand till I was done nursing. It was so sweet!
Nate is doing really well, he's making good hours at work and recently got a raise. He's hit another plateau with his weight and now has a new goal! He wants to get to 210 and get a better TV. MEN!!

I'm doing really well too! I love staying home with my boys and we've had a lot of play dates lately which has been really fun. I also switched Caden and Drake into the bigger room. Caden needed more play room and now he has plenty. He loves the extra room to drive cars around and now me and Drake can be on the floor without taking up the whole room! I've also been scapbooking and re-organizing some things in the apartment! Spring Cleaning! I've also been enjoying reading everyone's blogs!

So that's what our family has been up to lately!


My Ice Cream Diary said...

Wow, you have been busy!

trish and derek said...

So very cute! It is crazy how fast they grow up, isn't it?