Friday, January 18, 2008

What a Week!

I'm going to adopt Melissa's way of bulleting things when she has alot to say.

  • Caden's molars are all coming in! He's a Crabby Monkey!

  • Drake has a cold which isn't so bad but he's sleeping even less!

  • Caden fell 17 times and hits his mouth (lots of blood but he is ok)

  • I'm all of a sudden sick with a soar throat

  • Caden has white patches on his tounge! Yuck! He see's the doctor tomarrow

  • Our Jeep got stolen! Our brand new car seat and playpen were in it!

Quite a week Huh!? Some good things happened too. Nate is getting some really good jobs at work and he is down to 227!!! He's lost 23 pounds! The Weather has been nice so he has been able to ride his bike more. Now he has to ride due to the lack of a vehicle. Anyway, so that's what's up with us!


Amy, Spencer and Kids said...

How on earth did your car get stolen? That's freaking crazy! I guess Sam won't be getting her license anytime soon.

Melissa said...

Dad told me about your car...I'm sorry to hear that! Hope somethings comes of it soon!