Wednesday, January 30, 2008

They Found Our Jeep!!!

11:30 and I had just dozed off when the phone rang. Usually late night calls mean that something bad has happened. In this case it was so the opposite! The sheriffs department was calling to tell us that a tow truck company had picked up our Jeep! I was so excited we called the company that picked it up and they said we have to pay 225 for the towing and 45 for the day that it had to stay in the lot. The officer dais that the tires and plates were still on so that mean it's probably okay all around. Nate's Dad is helping us go get it today. We are hoping that the car seat and playpen are still in it but if not then we are just happy to have our sweet little Jeep back! We realized when it was gone how much we liked it and how perfect it was for our family. As for the white one we are going to fix a couple of things on it and then sell it. Hey, do any of you know anything about selling a car you just bought? Do we have to register it if we are just going to sell it? I'll let you know the condition of the Jeep when we pick it up today.

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Alison said...

Congrats on getting your jeep back! Hopefully everything is still inside that should be and you can sell the white one quickly!