Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's been a while!

We've been busy with the boys and I haven't been getting sleep because Drake still gets me up about 4-5 times a night! We've been having a lot of fun though. Caden is getting to be a much more entertaining playmate. We play games together and he's much more fun to take on walks. When I put his coat on and head for the door he stands next to the door and holds his hand up because he knows he has to hold my hand outside. Today we went to the dog park and there is a kids park next to it. Caden had so much fun he started to cry when it was time to leave. Drake was bundle up in the front carrier on Nate. I drove to the park and back which was very exciting. I really want to get my licence so that I can take Caden to parks more often. I'm going to start practicing a lot more now. I took a break because of Drake but I'm ready to get back in the saddle. Me and Nate have been working on getting in shape and being healthy. We've been going to the gym at our apartments. We bring the play pen and put the boys in it. Caden likes to watch us on the machines and we make silly faces at him to keep him entertained along with a basket of toys. Afterwards we let him run wild in the racket ball courts. Fun For the Whole Family! We've also really stepped up our eating healthy game. We've loaded up on fruits and veggies and we are paying a lot more attention to portions. Nate is looking really good! I hope to be joining him soon:) That's all for now. I will update again soon!


Anonymous said...

Cute,cute family. Any way we can talk you into moving to UTAH? We can hope!! Love you

Grandpa P.

Amy, Spencer and Kids said...

Poor, poor Caden. I can't imagine eating cucumbers and beans at age 31, let alone 1.

-Uncle Spence