Sunday, January 27, 2008

Check out our SWEEEEEEET Ride

Well everybody we got our new vehicle, don't worry about the dents, they are for aerodynamics. Those two lights up top, well they are to blind your opponent. Yea that's right, that 3" lift and those 31 inch tires, they are so you can roll over anything and everything that gets in front of you. Yeah, it needs a lot of TLC, but once it is detailed, and all the dents and dings, not to mention the mechanical and technical kinks that may be wrong with it, it will be a good vehicle. Kelly Blue Book price is $1500 We bought it for $1000. The plan is that we will fix it up enough that it will be comfortable to use and drive. And if we get our other jeep back, and if nothing is destroyed, we will sell this car.

Posted by Nate

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Amy, Spencer, and Kids said...

That vehicle has a strange resemblance to a truck that used to darken the driveway (literally) at mom and dad's house.

Good luck with that, and make sure you don't use your baseball bat to take care of any dents.

I love you Nate!