Saturday, January 26, 2008

Monkeys on the Loose!

In case anyone is wondering about the blog name change. We always call the boys our little monkey's and while thinking about a new blog name Grandpa Packer thought of Monkey Business. So let's see what the little monkeys have been up to.

Monkey Number One!

He's recently learned how to climb up onto the chairs and sit on them while swinging his legs back and forth! Its very cute but a little dangerous because he likes to climb on to the table too! He's also been building with blocks (Thanks Aunt Chanda!). Here is a cute video of him building a tower.

He's also been saying a lot of words like Ball, Uh-Oh, Bam pa (Grandpa), Eeees (Please), Mama, Dada and a bunch more. It's so fun to watch him learning. We've been telling him what his body parts are called and he can point to his head, tummy, and feet. He's growing out of everything we buy him! He's wearing 2t right now and they are big on him for now.

Monkey Number Two!

Drake is so sweet! He is still waking up several times a night which is driving Mommy a little crazy but we've got a plan so we will see how that goes. What's funny is during the day he sleeps like an angel. I'll put him down for Tummy time and I'll turn around and he's asleep! I just think, "Why can't you do that at night!". He's getting really good at holding his head up and he's starting to try and grab at things.

He can bring his hand to his mouth and whatever toy I've put in it. We've been having so much fun with Drake. Whenever I've left Drake and Caden alone I come back and Drake has a lap full of toys from Caden. I think it's sweet that he's trying to play with him. Caden tries to say his name but can only say one part at time "Dra" and "K" He never says them together.

Nate's doing well at work. Still no word on the Jeep so we bought a less expensive Jeep to get us by for now. Nate is looking forward to working on it. He lost another pound this week. He's now lost the wieght of Caden! He picked Caden up and couldn't believe he was carrying that much fat on him! I'm very proud.

I'm doing good too. Things have been great with the boys, just the lack of sleep sucks. I've been scapbooking and reading The Five Love Languages. I love that book! That's all for now!

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