Friday, December 7, 2007

A Whole New Love!!!

I have a whole new love for my Mom. I'm not talking about my birth Mom (Not much love there:) No, I am talking about Nate's wonderful Mom. I'm going to try not to cry. I have never met anyone so generous, sweet, kind, and giving in all my life! I was so worried about Caden when I was in the hospital but when we called to check on him he was so happy! I knew it was because Grandma was doing everything she could to keep it that way! When we came home I was even more amazed! The house was spotless and the kitchen has never looked as clean as it does right now! She has taken care of me all week, made me meals, got my medicine, refilled my water bottle like twenty times, done laundry, organized all kinds of things, went to to the store ran errands, wrote reminders on dishes to give back to people, and all of this she did while taking wonderful care of Caden and Drake too! Not once did she complain! I am not exaggerating when I say that I could never have done this first week with out her! Never! I used to have a hard time calling her mom because I've never had a mom but now it's so easy! I so grateful to have a Mom and and a wonderful Grandmother for my Children! Thank you Mom! I will never forget the love that you showed me and the boys this week, I am forever grateful!

As for the rest of us! We are hanging in there. It's been a little more difficult for me this time with the C-section but I'm getting stronger and more confident each day. Our wonderful friends in our ward have been bringing us meals every night and that has really helped, I'm glad I didn't have to add cooking dinner to the million things Mom has done for us this week! Caden is doing good, He's seems to be getting smarter everyday. Me and Mom laugh at all the cute things he does everyday, one example: Mom put in Polar express the movie for him and there is a part where they dance and sing a song about hot chocolate! Caden Loves it. When they say "Hot Hot" Caden goes, "Ha Ha Ha" Trying to say hot. It's adorable. He loves his little brother, sometimes a little too much. He likes lay his head down on him and shake his little hands, he also likes to take his hat of smack his head which isn't as cute :) The other day I took off Drake's blanket so that Caden could see him and Caden went and got a blanket off the shelf and put it on Drake, It was sweet! Drake is doing very well. He is nursing like a champ, and he only wakes up twice at night nurses and goes right back to sleep. He had a doctors appointment and she said that he looks great! So that is how we are all doing! We love you all and we appreciate everything everyone has done for us especially Mom!

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