Monday, December 24, 2007


Drake is so strong! He's already starting to hold his head up! Check out his pretty blue eyes. I hope they stay blue. His personality has been coming out a little more. He so sweet and even tempered. Me, Caden, and Drake all get up at about 9 and Drake just chills in his bouncy seat, the couch or the floor. He just sits there and watches us play. Then when Caden is ready for his Nap I put him down, nurse Drake and then they are both asleep and I have 2-3 hours to myself. I don't think I could ask for more than that! Drake is eating really well, he's getting a little bit of chub which makes a nursing mother feel good! I'm always wondering if they are getting enough:) Anyway, I just thought I'd let everyone know how Our newest family member is doing!

I Love You This Much!

(When I saw his arms like this, that's what I thought of)

After I gave Caden his bath I came out to find Nate and Drake passed out on the couch :)

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