Monday, December 17, 2007


Hello All! I don't have anything super interesting to post about but I wanted to let everyone know how we are doing and show off my cute little boys! Drake still just sleeps most of the time but he is starting have some periods of awake time and it's been fun to see a little of his personality coming through. Last night he made an "Awww" sound and Nate about died, he thought it was so cute. Caden then started saying "Aww" over and over again! Caden is being a very good big brother! He likes to put Drake's clothes in the hamper and he loves to through away trash for me! It really helped that second week when I couldn't move around so well! Caden has also enjoyed, Sitting in his plastic tub, dragging around his monkey blanket from Grandma, making his "Model face", and talking on his phone, (See Pictures). I'm doing really well. I hardly even feel like I had surgery but I'm still taking it easy, that means No laundry, No Dishes, and No Vacuuming! Oh Darn! But I can do everything else as long as I pace myself. Nate is doing good. He is bummed that he hasn't been able to ride his bike as much because of the weather. He's really looking forward to spring time when he can ride more often. He loves having his boys! Him and Caden are becoming more and more like buddies, teasing wrestling and being silly! He loves Drake so much. He says how cute he is about 17 times every night! He is such a wonderful Dad and Husband. The other day he called and said that he was looking at a picture of me on his tool box and just wanted to tell me how beautiful my eye's were!!! Isn't that sweet! Okay, enough rambling. Long story short things are going great!

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