Wednesday, December 26, 2007

White Christmas!

Drake was just filled with joy opening presents! Just Kidding:) He didn't get it but it was fun to pretend he was opening presents!
Caden didn't get it much more than Drake did. He ran off with the tree after opening one present!
After opening all of the presents and cleaning up Caden and Drake both took a nap and while they were sleeping it started to snow!!!!! It was so cool. Luckily it kept coming down when Caden woke up so he got to go play in it. He was a bit confused at first. he sort of spaced out then he started walking around and thinking it was pretty cool.

We had such a fun Christmas Day!! Our Good Friends the VanDykes invited us over for dinner and games and we had a ball! A lot of eating and laughing which equaled a lot of fun! Hope all of your Christmases were Bright and White too!

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trish and derek said...

You guys look so cute and happy! You seem to be handling two so well!