Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Husband Rocks!!!

He lost 3 more pounds this week which means he has lost a total of 15 pounds!!!!! In 4 weeks!!!!! He has 20 more pounds to go. He went back to the Seattle store so he hasn't been able to ride his bike (too Far away). We are trying to figure out a solution but in the mean time we are focusing on diet:) He changed his "prize" to a new TV instead of a lap top:) P.S. You can totally tell that Nate has lost the weight! He's looking Really good!


Grandma and Grandpa Packer said...

Way to go Nate...btw when did you go back to Seattle? Call us and tell us about it.

Mom and Dad

Amy, Spencer and Kids said...

Uh oh...Nate's in trouble for not keeping the folks updated on where he's at...Wait a minute, that's nothing new. Carry on Nate, carry on!