Thursday, June 12, 2008

Early Birthday Celebration!

Grandpa Came to Visit! Dad was on business and stopped by to celebrate a little early (My birthday is Saturday). He took us out to olive garden and brought cake. He also brought presents that I'm not aloud to open :( It's so hard for me to wait because I loooooovvve opening presents. Even packages that come in the mail and I already know what they are I still love opening them!!! I promised Nate that I wouldn't peek because he says that peeking at one would give away the rest! I'll let you know what they are on Saturday when I turn... drum roll please... 23 I can't believe I am 23 and I'm already married with 2 children! Crazy! Here are some pics from our early celebration! P.S. Grandpa isn't smile because he has a cold sore and it hurts to smile :( I'm sure he was smiling on the inside!

Just the Boys!

Me and the Boys at Olive Garden!

Blowing out my candles! Caden helped :)

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My Ice Cream Diary said...

GAD! you look so cute. What is your secret to loosing baby weight?