Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Caden!!!

My baby is 2!!! I can hardly believe that my little boy is growing up so fast!!! Everyday he learns something new and gives me even more reasons to love him! He is such a good big brother and a sweet loving son. Happy birthday Caden!
The night before Caden's birthday we let him open his presents from Grandma and Grandpa Packer. I'm glad we decided to open it a little early because Caden carried his Pack Pack (back pack) around the whole next day. He also carried his cars in side. He looked so cute with a little back pack on. I put diapers, pull ups and wipes in the big packet and he uses the little pocket for cars! It was really sweet to see caden unwrapping them because he was so excited but he still took the time to throw away all of the paper!
The morning of Cadens birthday he woke up to a room full of balloons and he was happy about it but Drake was ecstatic! I filled his playpen with them and he had a ball!!
After Grandpa Drake asked Caden what he wanted for his birthday breakfast Caden decided on Toast! Grandpa took us all out to breakfast and got Caden some extra toast. After taking the boys shoe shopping (Grandpa's Treat), He took them to Peter Piper and it was a lot of fun.
This was Caden's favorite ride. He would come and get tokens from Grandpa and get on all by himself and put the coins in! It was very cute! Drake liked the ride to but his favorite was this little air plane (and the pizza!)
Here's Caden looking out at grandpa from the play structure holding the car he got with 300 tickets(Some guys gave him a bunch from playing basketball). I was so proud of him because he went down this really dark and scary slide all by himself!
For dinner we took Caden to Red Robin, he had his usual cheese pizza and cantaloupe. He loved when they came and sang to him! Caden and Drake were clapping and Caden loved his Sunday. He started passing out bites to everyone, so sweet!
Here we are leaving red robin. Caden looked so much older wearing his new big boy shoes and caring his new "pack pack".
After Red Robin we went home and celebrated my sister Jante's Birthday as well. We got Caden to big remote control trucks and he loved them so much! I didn't get any pictures with them because I was trying to control him a little. 2 year olds get a little crazy on their birthday!

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Alex and Brittany said...

Yay for happy birthdays! Sounds like Caden had a special 2nd birthday! Thanks for sharing the pics!