Friday, November 21, 2008

Good News!!

Good News Number 1 is that Nate just got his first pay check! Whoo Hoo!

Number 2 is that they re-rented our old apartment so we don't have to pay rent there anymore and they are going to give us back rent for November!! We were going to have to pay for the rest of the year so this is very good news!

Good news number 3 is that I should be able to go to the doctor soon! Nate is getting the insurance at his work set up today. It's not the best insurance right now but in one year we will be eligible for the good stuff! Since we plan on staying at this job for a long time it is very comforting to know that we will have good health insurance for the whole family.

Good news number 4 is that Nate is loving his new job! Everything about it! He is so thrilled with all of the positive changes compared to his last job. He got a great raise, better insurance options, he likes all of the guys he is working with (there are three other vegetarians which make it a little more comfortable for him.)

All in all things are going great! We will let you know once we've been to the doctor!


sariqd said...

Very, VERY good news!!! I swear, when one's husband is happy at work - it just makes things a lot easier. :) Congrats on everything!

sariqd said...
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Rozemary said...

Yes!` So glad that things are working out sooo well for you guys!!
I feel so sad we didn't get to say good bye. We'll be thinking of you!! =)