Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bird Park, Sick Weekend, and Playground pics

This is a long post but I have had quite the weekend! The weekend started off great! My Dad watched all of the kids so that me and my sister Misty could go on a double date with our husbands and it was so much fun!!!!! My dad treated so that made it even better! We just laughed all night and just enjoyed hanging out without the kids. After a relaxing evening we took all of the kids to the Bird Park in the morning. The bird park is a bird sanctuary, and it has free roaming chickens, roosters, peacocks, wild turkeys, and pigeons. The kids loved feeding the birds and Caden loved covering his ears and running in to the birds. There's also a playground and Caden really liked playing with his twin cousins.

We put the twins playpens in my dads room for nap time and when I went to check on them I found this...
She pulled down a bag of stuff in there and found a pink highlighter to decorate herself with! It was very cute! The weekend started to go bad as soon as my sweet nieces left. Caden threw up and kept going until Sunday night! I felt so bad for him! He spent Sunday and a lot of Monday on the couch watching movies and sleeping. As if that wasn't enough Nate and my dad got sick too! Nate had to take Monday off because he was up all night puking!
We have been having so much fun in Az. One of my favorite things is that there is a fun park really close that we go to everyday and the boys love it! It's so fun to be able to get out of the house! I really felt like I couldn't so anything in Washington unless I called for a ride or waited till Nate got home. Now I just hitch up my wagon and off we go!

There's also a little farm thing by the playground and we go and feed the horses! Isn't it cute!

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