Monday, October 27, 2008

We made it to Utah! (writing this on half a tank of sleep)

We left our apartment at 8 am and didn't arrive in SLC until 2:3oam! That's 17 1/2 hours if take in to account the time difference. One reason it took so long was our back door to the jeep would open half way through the trip! We spent half an hour trying to get it open while Caden ran circles around a bench?????? Don't ask me! I think he was going crazy from being in the car so long. Anyway, we still couldn't get it open so we had to pull EVERYTHING out of the car so that we could take Tara out to go to the bathroom! I felt so bad for Tara because the whole time we were trying to get things fixed she was whining in her kennel! So that was about an hour delay!

As far as keeping the boys happy on the trip, I got very frustrated! The first 6 hours were great! I was rotating toys and snacks to them and there were just peachy but after their nap (a long one, too) they were impossible!!! Nothing I did made them happy! I told Nate to pull over at the next rest stop and they had some time to play while we spent and hour doing the whole door thing! We we got back in the car I told Nate, "I'm Done!" I was so frustrated from trying to entertain them and they were just throwing the toys on the floor and whining! so I ignored them! They both fussed for about 10 minutes and then they were quiet! They were staring out their windows and cuddling their blankets and they were quiet!!! I think I was just trying too hard. We stopped for dinner and then they both fell asleep for the rest of the trip!

As for us, no sleep! I promised Nate that I would stay awake the entire trip and talk to him so that he would stay alert. We talked about everything! Some things twice! we also played a trivia game on his iPod that was really fun and helped the time fly by faster. We were doing great until 20 miles outside of SLC we were losing it! But we were so close!! I was telling Nate to stay alert and he was trying so hard but started getting a little loopy and I started to get a little droopy! We made it though! Everyone is safe and we got some sleep and are looking forward to more sleep tonight! We are going to stay here until Wednesday morning and then it's off to Az! Pictures coming later, and there are some cute ones!

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gringa1364 said...

OK Sam - we know you made it to Utah!! We want an update!! Let us know how you're all doing. I'm sure you're enjoying a lot more sunshine than we are here.