Monday, October 13, 2008

Looking Back...

So, I was browsing through old photos and I came upon this "Lovely" (I'm embarrassed to show it!) picture of me at the hospital when I was going to have Caden.
After 36 hours I finally had a C-section to get my sweet little Caden out and if you look closely you can see that My eyebrows hadn't been plucked in like forever! My Hair is a mess and my face is breaking out all over! Let us Fast forward :)
Here I am right before my scheduled C-Section with Drake, Eye Brows plucked, Hair Done, Clear skin!
Even after he's born I don't look half bad.
The Lesson here is that you just don't have time to primp when your water breaks in you Dad's Living room!

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Rozemary said...

I love those photos!
Very nice of you to share, thank you. I feel much better about some of my own photos, as I also don't look glam when Allana was born. We can't always look "glam" when the baby wants out Now!!