Saturday, September 22, 2007

Visit to AZ

Me and Caden went to Arizona this last weekend to visit our family. We had a lot of fun. It was so nice to see all of my family. Even though we talk and email pictures and videos all of the time, it was nice to hug and talk face to face. Caden had a blast with his cousins. I think at some points he was overwhelmed with all of the action. He's so used to it just being me and him. Anyway here are some pics that highlight the weekend.

Caden with his Aunt Jante

The Twins Devoured their birthday cake.

Twins in the tub.

All of us at our favorite Restaurant! Pancho's!!!

Caden on Grandpa's shoulders.

The Twins were all over Caden at first. Leora was especially interested.

All of the kids went outside to play with side walk chalk.
I'm surprised it didn't melt:) It was so hot there!
This was such a funny moment! It was madness trying to get all of the grand kids on to one couch and stay there, but we did it!

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sdrake said...

these are super cute pictures. we should have taken a family picture though! i love you! summer