Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Miss My Baby

This might sound crazy but I miss my baby. He's not even born yet but I feel like I miss him. I don't feel like I'm waiting for a new person to come, I feel like an old friend is coming home to me. I'm really excited for him to come but I'm also really enjoying being pregnant. I've all ready got everything set up for the new little guy. We decided to set everything up early so that we could get Caden and ourselves used to everything a little at a time. Here's a picture of the boys' room. We've got 10 weeks left, which seems so short but also so long. We are hoping to have a VBAC delivery but in order to do that we need four things to happen.
  • He has to be in a good position

  • He has to drop down into the birth Canal

  • He has to be smaller than Caden was

  • I have to start contractions on my own before my water breaks

Even if all those things happen it could still be another C-section but we really want to try. Last time I was really scared when I got a C-section last time but I just had to keep reminding myself that I would get to have a baby soon. I can't wait for Caden's little brother!!!!!

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Rebecca said...

so excited for that sweet little guy to arrive! any ideas for names yet?