Saturday, September 29, 2007

Living Room Fun

We decided to turn our living room in to a climbing zone for a little while. It was so fun! First we used the couch cushions to make a tunnel. Caden had so much fun crawling through it. Nate and I went through too but it collapsed on me:) Then we made them into a mountain of stairs which Caden loved climbing up. When he got to the top he was so proud of himself. We had a blast and Caden got to climb which he rarely gets to do because we don't have stairs. After all of that we decided to go to the mall and play in the little kids play area. It was 10 at night so no kids were there and Caden was climbing all over this one fruit thing. We were so impressed with how well he could climb. It was so much fun to watch him tumble around!

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