Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things That Made Me Smile this Week!

Leave a comment and tell me something that made you smile this week!

We were taking pictures after church on Sunday and Caden noticed that there was a red Jeep that looked just like ours. He proceeded to try and get us into the car but we explained that it wasn't our car and that ours was at home (we walk to church). After a few minutes we hear Caden start screaming bloody murder(watching some one drive away in the Jeep), "My Car! My Car, NOOOOOOO My Car!" He threw himself on the ground crying because he thought some one was stealing our car! It took several minutes for us to calm him down. We couldn't help laughing. You gotta love his passion for cars:)

Nate Got a 350 dollar bonus this week for fixing 100% of his cars right the first time. P.S. He is loving his work!

Drake took his first step! Just one but it was very exciting!

Drake eating his cereal!

Caden telling me "No pictures Mama!"

Drake watching a movie in his lazy man pose:)

Watching Caden Dance and do Karate moves while watching Kung Fu Panda!

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Alex and Brittany said...

Someone who made me smile this week: My husband... he does every week, and I love it! We have so much fun laughing a teasing each other that sometimes people don't know how to take us!! Yay for husbands!