Monday, December 8, 2008

Caden's Burn!

My poor baby! We were at Costco and they were offering samples of cocoa. Caden wanted one, so I got him one. The woman serving it had it in a plastic juice pitcher and was pouring it into little Styrofoam cups. She new I was giving it to him and she said nothing about it being hot. Nothing in my head made me think it would be very hot so I (foolishly) gave it to him without testing it. As soon as it touched his lips he screamed and it spilled on his chest. I wasn't too worried but I got him water and was trying to calm him down. After a few minutes I couldn't understand why he still hadn't calmed down so I looked down his shirt and I could see his skin peeling and his skin was bright red. I found Nate and he went to get a manager. We had to file a report and They brought Caden candy, ice cream and a whole pizza. They were really nice about it and they admitted that they should not have been serving a drink that hot to any costumers let alone children. He feel asleep on the way home and when he woke up he was happy as a clam and hasn't said anything about it since. It's healing just fine but it looks pretty bad.


The Cutest Allens Ever! said...

Poor kid! That is so sad. I'm glad he bounced back so fast. It's a good this you have tuff boys!! by the way this is Shiloh. I'm glad I saw you the other day.:)

Jewelianna said...

Your poor little guy!! I would have been so mad.