Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ward Talent Show and Chili Cook Off!

So last night was our supper fun ward activity. Me and Nate were on the committee so we got to help out and it turned out really great! Our babysitter totally rocked out to a spice girls song with her friends! I think she should preform more often because she totally owned that stage!!!
Our Family talent was the Balance Beam! Caden was so excited to go on stage and do it. We were behind the curtain because we were next and he was clawing his way up the stairs saying "balance beam" over and over! When we got up there he went across once only falling once or twice! The cutest part is that he gets right back on where he falls and keeps trying! I was hoping he would do it more than once but when everyone cheered he smiled and ran off stage! It was adorable!!!!
Our fearless leader Sara played the piano while her to adorable children danced! Her daughter was so sweet! Sara's little boy came out but then ran off stage so Her daughter ran and got him and helped him dance around the stage! It was beyond sweet!!

I taught these two adorable stars a dance and they did such a great job!!! We had all the other kids in the audience come to the bottom of the stage to dance with them but we got some Young Men instead (See Bottom Picture)

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