Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feeling Better

I was super tired and sick this last week and a half but I am feeling much better. Thanks to Nate letting me sleep a lot and my sweet friend Sara giving us a Date night.
Monday was the first day that I really felt like we were back in our routine. We got up, we ate breakfast, We played in the play room, we went outside came home ate a snack, took a nap (all of us:), they played in the room while I got all of my chores done and then before I knew it Nate was on his way home and I was starting dinner! It was fabulous!!! Ahh, but it was not to last! Drake is getting another tooth so he is cranky as all get out and his nose is running which is pretty yucky! Caden is still on routine but he has had friends coming over and tries to show off (I'm guessing) by acting like a loony. He seriously runs around kicking toys and just acting like a mad man and then when the friends are gone he's back to normal!
I'm still a little queasy but I have been eating a lot more then last week. When I was prego with Caden I craved Sub sandwiches, skittles, Pepsi, and chocolate cake. With Drake it was Nasty chicken sandwiches from fast food restaurants, Mac and cheese and peanut butter/banana sandwiches. Now with baby number three I am craving salad!!! No joke! I was sitting at the computer and all of a sudden I really wanted salad! Then the next day I wanted a salad for lunch! Right now, I really want a salad! It nice not to be craving junk that I know my body doesn't need. I'm kind of wondering if the cravings are healthier because I have been eating so much healthier since Drake was born? We'll see. Watch next week I'll be craving greasy cheese burgers!


sariqd said...

Yay for feeling better! Pah on crankies though. Thank goodness the kids get most of thier teeth when they're YOUNG. Can you imagine if they were getting teeth when they're teenagers? Oh wait, that's what braces are for... Scratch that. lol!

Anonymous said...

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