Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures!

These pictures are so out of order because Blogger is being weird!

Caden has been loving playing on the back patio in his sand pool and Tara's Kennel
He love sitting in the chair that I use when I'm out there.
We bought Caden a light up fan 4th of July and he was fascinated!
Me pulling the boys (and our friend Eli) at our ward breakfast slash 4th of July parade!
Thanks for the Wagon Grandpa!
Spiky fourth of July Hair
Drake is getting so good at sitting up! He loves it!
Caden has been loving playgrounds, people often ask how old he is and are shocked at how well he can climb, slide, and monkey around for his age!

Drake love going to the beach! He is so calm when we are there.
He has been scooting a lot, but most of the time it's backwards!
Caden has been loving his wagon, he takes all of the things he loves in it (Cars and his blanket)
Fourth of July!!!
Caden pulled Drake in the Wagon all by himself all over the parking lot! I have got a very strong boy on my hands!

Drake has problems with food anymore besides the mess!!

We give him soy milk with his meals from a cup but we have to hold it! He wants to hold the cup so bad but it always ends in spilt milk on the floor and none in his mouth!
Drake Loves having his two little teeth brushed! Especially when he gets to hold the tooth brush!
Caden loves the beach!!! He fell in once and then respected the water much more!
He loves running up and down the water line throwing rocks and running from waves! He such a joy to watch!
So that's all of the stuff we have been up to!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Thanks for sharing the pics! They are too cute! I love the 4th of July family pic, and the one with you and Drake and his toothbrush. Too bad I don't have my cell phone right now... work is slow! Sorry I'm been a sorry excuse for a friend! I love you lots!
Brittany Nelson

sariqd said...

LOVE it! We need to do play-dates. I've got the room in my van for 2 extra car seats, oh - and you too! ;-)

Posey said...

I love the pictures! Your boys are getting so big! I am amazed everytime that I look at drake.

Lisa said...

Cute pictures. Drake looks more like Caden every time I see him!