Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm a Big Boy Now!!!

Caden is Potty trained!!!! We started training him a week and a half ago when he started bringing us his potty(We were using it as a stool in the bathroom:) after he would go number 2 in his diaper. I still wasn't sure if I should start until he started holding his legs together saying "P P P P". He is pretty solid now. He goes all on his own if he has no underwear on but he still needs help if he is wearing them! We declared him officially potty trained when we went out and about all day and he had no accidents! He still has trouble when we aren't around. Sariqd watched him for us and he had 2 accidents in his pull ups so I think he is still confused as to who he can ask for help from. All though we have had a lot of success these last couple of days with number 2 he still a little hit and miss, but he gets over half in to the potty so that's pretty good for a 20 month old!Here are some high lights from the whole experience.

Who doesn't like to read on the potty?

There was one day that we just needed a break so we played in the hose diaper free!

Caden was so cute when he would say nope! It was always his answer!

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