Friday, August 1, 2008

Bad Mommy!

All of the post lately have been mostly about Caden! I just realized that so here is a super post about Drake, filled with pictures of coarse.

Drake is the Happiest little baby boy you will ever meet and he loves going outside and observing the world. He will sit in the grass and watch birds fly and trees rustle forever
Whenever me or Nate sit on the ground he crawls as fast as he can to get to us!

He likes to climb onto low things now. Daddy's chair is his favorite!
We found out his favorite food so far is pasta stars with a Spinach/Marinara sauce!
He Loves the Pool!!
He loves to follow Caden and do whatever he is doing!
This is just a cute picture of Drake driving us home for the Museum.
He's not saying any real words yet, He is exploring like crazy, he loves his big brother, he loves to climb and eats like a champ! So that is Drake in a nutshell lately! Oh and he has 4 teeth and two on the way!

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summer said...

Im surprised you guys didnt get pulled over! lol i love him so much he is getting biggerand bigger everytime i see him. thats what babies do. I have the internet at home and i can comment on your blogs much more! i love you