Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fruit Anyone?

As long I as I can remember my awesome Daddy had a bowl of fresh fruit on the table. He had one rule, "You can have as much fruit as you want as long as you don't waste it". We were pretty good at following the rule and now that I am a mom I have the same thing on my table. I would love to say that the same rule is being followed in my home today as my Dad's house when I was a kid but... Just take a look.

As I've said in previous posts, Caden loves fruit and has yet to master the fine skills it takes to peel any piece of fruit. The worst part is that sometimes I don't see him trying to eat them and I find them later all yucky! I guess my child hood memories will have to stay in the kitchen and not on the table where my little guys can get them :)


My Ice Cream Diary said...

It took me 3 years to give up my dream of having a fruit bowl on the table. I now keep my onions and avacados on the table and my apples in a basket way up high. However, I've learned that I can also salvage the bitten apples that I still find throughout the house now and then (when I forget to put the apples up). I gather them, wash them, cut them up, boil, put through a food mill with some cinnamon and sugar, and serve warm applesauce after dinner. The kids gobble it up and no apples are wasted. =)

Posey said...

My apples look just like yours! I love it!!

Melissa said...

so cute! reese does the same thing!