Friday, February 1, 2008

I Lost My Blogs!

Hi everyone. I was trying to change my blog template and I lost all of my links to your blogs!!! I've recovered a lot of them from old comments but if yours isn't listed to the left under blogging friends and family could you leave me a comment! Then I will be able to check them again:)


Lisa said...

Cute monkeys! And I'm glad you got your jeep back!

enricofam said...

first of all I want to say hello and we love you and we miss you and I am so so so sorry that I have taken so flippen long to get in contact with you I cant belaive all that has happened to you and your sweet family...please chesk us out when you can at
I will get my life in order soon and call you and chat the day away:) yea you lots
amy enrico